Treasure Hunting

A new frenzy has hit MouseHunt. Mousehunters all over the Kingdom of Gnawnia are scattering abroad looking for Treasure while they can still get a new Limited Edition (LE) Trap.

This new Treasure Hunt has people of all ranks pulling their hair out trying to work their way through various mice looking for treasure map clues.

If you still haven’t figured out what is going on, let me try to help:

First, you have to get an Ancient Relic as a loot drop from some various difficult to catch mice throughout the kingdom.

Among the mice who have a known high drop rate for the ancient relic are:  The Chrono, Aether, Zurreal, Assassin, Gargantuamouse , Warmonger, Deep, General Drheller, Icewing, Necromancer, Eclipse, Black Widow, Cook, Fall Familiar, Nugget, and the Chess Master. This is not an all-inclusive list, but it’s a good place to start.

After acquiring an Ancient Relic, You need to find out where the Relic Hunter Mouse is. He changes locations every 24 hours, so you need to track him down and get to his location before he moves on.  You can find him by clicking here.

One relief is that SUPERbrie+ is not necessary to attract him. He is more attracted to the Ancient Relic than the cheese. Once you catch him, you will receive a  Treasure Map Scroll Case in your Special inventory. Catching the Relic Hunter consumes your Ancient Relic.

Go into your special inventory and open the The Treasure Map Scroll Case to reveal what type of treasure map you have. There are 5 different maps: Easy, Medium, Hard, Elaborate, and Arduous Common Maps. You will see the map on your Heads Up Display (HUD). When you click on the map, you will see a long list of mice you have to catch to complete the treasure map.

The cool thing about these maps is you can team up with friends to help you. Once you catch all the mice, you each receive a seemingly random Treasure Chest. Cross your fingers when you open your chest. If you are lucky enough, you might have The Ancient Gauntlet inside your chest (a LE trap that will double potion drops in Tier 1 of the King’s Gauntlet).

Oh, and if any of your treasure hunting team applies Rare Map Dust to the Treasure Map before you complete it, your Common Treasure Map becomes a Rare Treasure Map, and your chances in receiving rare loot more than doubles!  You can get Rare Map Dust from other chests, donating $2.50 for it, donating $10 for a treasure hunting kit, or by buying it on the Marketplace.


Once you complete your treasure hunt, you will see this in your journal:

Congratulations! Now claim your Treasure Chest Reward:

After you claim this your treasure hunting team will dissolve, but don’t worry, you can invite them to your next treasure hunt.

First, let’s look in our special inventory to see what we got.


Woohoo! This is Exciting! It feels like Christmas morning. Let’s open it!


That’s a pretty nice haul, but it’s still lacking the LE Trap- The Ancient Gauntlet. Better luck next time.

From early results, the chance to get the Ancient Gauntlet as loot with a common treasure chest is about 10%, and the chance to get it from a rare treasure chest (from a map sprinkled with rare map dust) is about 15%.

Hopefully this guide makes sense of things for you. If it helped you, please leave us a comment below.

Happy Treasure Hunting!


  1. Lin Min Htoo says:

    Doesn’t the description of rare map dust say it will “twice the chance of super-rare loot”? Why only 15% chance of getting AG with the dust?

    • Thank you for your question. Yes, you are right Lin. It says it in the description that the chances of rare loot is double, but the real statistics had been showing only a 50% higher chance of getting the Ancient Gauntlet when I originally wrote this post. I don’t know if this was corrected in the recent treasure hunting update, but the early results when I wrote this were much lower.

  2. Some questions-
    if we have already “done” most of a treasure hunt, and the map upgraded becasue we are hunting as a group- can map dust still be applied? Will that make for better treasure?

    • Yes and Yes. Dusting the map near the end of the treasure hunt is OK. In fact, I recommend waiting until near the end of the treasure hunt to dust the map. The rare maps definitely give bigger rewards, but do not always guarantee the rarest loot as treasure.

  3. i just want to ask, what are the specific treasure map scroll to be avoided ‘coz right now i’m stock hunting for General Drheller and Living Salt Mouse.

  4. vepture says:

    I already got the Ancient Gauntlet! Woohoo!

  5. hi thanks for the explanation! i have a quick question- i added someone to help with my treasure hunt (it’s an elaborate) and i am finally almost done with it, but my friend that i added has not helped catch a single mouse. do i still get less treasure because i’m sharing with a friend? thanks!

    • Hi, Don’t worry. You will receive the same prize as your teammates even if you did it alone. Thanks for your question :-)

  6. Thanks for the comment. I corrected it already!

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