The Living Garden Guide

No, this isn’t a dream so stop pinching yourself. The Living Garden is finally here! Not only is the Living Garden here, but a total of six new areas are here! You have to be a Baron or Baroness to enter. I hope you already have your Living Garden Key  from the Muridae Market Cartographer. If not, then start working on it right away.

Note: This Guide is still a work in progress as new information is being added as it is being discovered. Please check back often for updates.


At first glance you will notice three new areas, named the Living Garden, Lost City, and Sand Dunes. These three new areas have three different power types. In case you are wondering which place to start, don’t worry because you don’t really have any options yet. Standard Cheese won’t work in the Lost City nor the Sand Dunes so head on over to the Living Garden to get special loot andearn the cheese for the other new areas.

If you haven’t seen this yet, before you do anything, you should get hyped up by watching this cool video by the Hitgrab MouseHunt Developers:


Here is an index of what you will find in this guide:

  • Introduction
  • The Living Garden
  • The Lost City
  • The Sand Dunes
  • Carmine the Apothecary
  • The World is Twisted!
  • The Twisted Garden
  • The Cursed City
  • The Sand Crypts
  • Twisted Carmine
  • The Book of Living Recipes
  • Summary


The Living Garden



As I mentioned before there are three new areas: Three different power types. The Mice here are weak against Hydro Type Weapons. So in case you haven’t made the Oasis Water Node Trap already you probably won’t get a better time to use it. Don’t let the appearance of the Mice here deceive you because they surely pack a punch even against the best of setups available at this time. The good thing is Gouda works here well so far, so SUPERbrie+ is optional. No doubt SB+ will yield better results, but at the current prices you should think twice before using it here.

If you are the curious type, you have probably checked the Shops already. The Living Garden contains a General Store, Cheese Shoppe, and a Charm Shoppe. In the Cheese Shoppe you will notice four different types of Cheese. You will need different types of Petals to purchase them.

Let’s get going then. Let’s check the HUD first. Your heads up display (HUD) shows a few new things in the new areas. It might seem confusing and complicated at first, but that’s not the case. On the right side nine different essences are listed: Aleth, Ber, Cynd, Dol, Est, Fel, Gur, Hix and Icuri.  In all the six news areas, it will show the “essences” that you have collected. Their names start with the first nine letters of the alphabet respectively.


For future ease of typing, I’ll refer to them by their first letter.

You can combine 3 of the same essence along with an essence prism (purchased from General Store for 500 gold) to create one essence of the next letter.

3 A essences + 1 Essence Prism = 1 B essence

3 B essences + 1 Essence Prism = 1 C essence

3 C essences + 1 Essence Prism = 1 D essence

Get the picture? Don’t worry if you don’t yet. I will go into more depth on this later in the guide.

For now, don’t go combining all your essences yet. You’ll need A and B essences in abundance so make sure you stock up.

In the middle of your HUD are six different petals which are needed for buying Special Cheese used here. On the left are the mini games which will help you attract mice with better loot.

Everything said and done, what are we supposed to do here then? Arm your Oasis Water Node Trap along with your most powerful Base with Gouda and start collecting Aleth Essences and Dewthief Petals.

The area is yet to be explored fully, but one thing is for certain that you will need plenty of these. If you are the adventurous type and can’t wait to venture towards the other two areas you better have enough Dewthief Petals to purchase Dewthief Camembert because that is the only Cheese which works in those two areas.


Simply put, your main objective here is to collect Dewthief Petals so you can buy cheese for the next two areas.

So you must be wondering what the drop of water on the left signifies. Those are Dewdrops which can be collected from the different mice here. For that you need to arm Sponge Charms which can be purchased from the Charm Shoppe with a Aleth Essence. The good thing about this is that Sponge Charms not only attracts mice carrying Dewdrops, but they will drop Dewthief Petals and Aleth Essences as usual. You can collect a maximum of 20 Dewdrops at a time. Watering them in the Living Garden will give you a chance to attract the Thirsty Mouse for a certain number of hunts depending upon the number of Drops you have. My advice would be to utilize them to the fullest by collecting 20 of them at a time which may attract the Thirsty Mouse for the next 35 Hunts.

Once the Garden is watered, make sure you disarm your Sponge Charms and save them for later till the ground runs dry.

When the ground becomes dry again, re-equip your Sponge Charms again till you collect enough Dewdrops for another round.

The good news about the Living Garden and seemingly most of the new areas here (unlike the frustrating Zugwang’s Tower) you will not lose your progress if you leave and come back. You can leave the Living Garden at any time and your dew drops will still be there waiting for you when you come back. Likewise, your pours will still be there if you leave and come back.

The Dewdrop mini game is completely optional unless you are trying to fill in Silhouettes. The Thirsty mouse is not a necessary part of the plot to catch Carmina.


The Lost City

The Lost City Mice are weak against only Arcane Type Weapons, so arm your A.C.R.O.N.Y.M., Arcane Blast Trap, or your Nutcracker Nuisance Trap with your best base. When it comes to the Cheese, the only cheese which will work here is Dewthief Camembert which can be purchased with Dewthief Petals in any of the 3 new areas. Similar to the Dewthief Petals in the Living Garden, mice here will drop Dreamfluff Herbs. The main objective in here is to collect Dreamfluff Herbs.

To the left on your HUD, you will see this area is cursed and it mentions something called Searcher Charms.

You can still catch most of the mice in the area when the curse is active. The only mouse you can’t catch is the essence collector. She hides when the curse is in effect. If you want to play this mini game to catch the Essence Collector you will need to use searcher charms.  You can buy them at the Charm Shoppe here for which you will need one Aleth Essence per charm again. Arm one Searcher Charm and catch a mouse to clear the Curse.

Once it is clear, you will not only attract more of the mice (including the Essence Collector) here, but also will be able to catch a Cursed Mouse when one decides to pay a visit to your trap. Catching one or even attracting one will make the area cursed again so use Searcher Charm again to remove the curse and keep repeating the process. It is to be noted that once you clear the cures, the Cursed Mouse won’t appear for the next few Hunts

Side note: This mini-game is also optional. You can still catch most of the mice in the area when the curse is active. The only mouse you can’t catch is the Essence Collector. He hides when the curse is in effect. Like the Thirsty Mouse, the Essence Collector Mouse is also not a necessary catch to get to Carmina.

The Sand Dunes

Now for the Sand Dunes. Only Shadow Type Weapons seem to work against the Mice residing here. I recommend that you use your Reaper’s Perch and whatever powerful base you prefer.

And just like the Lost City, Dewthief Camembert is the only cheese which will have any effect over here. Just like those other two areas you will need to collect yet another type of petals over here: the Duskshade Petal. Your main objective here is to collect Duskshade Petals, not to catch Grublings.

Unfortunately, it seems nearly impossible to not want to catch the Grublings when they stampede. You might as well live a little and give into the urge and catch as many as you can when they are stampeding. Go on, have some fun! Buy the Charm in the Shoppe here called the Grubling Chow Charm. When you see the Stampede Alert sign on the left arm them to attract the cute little Essence dropping mice. This is completely random though so arm the chow charms only when you see the alert.

After the Stampede, your journal will tell you when to disarm your Grubling Chow Charms:

Just like the other mini-games, the Grubling Stampede is not a necessary part of the plot and is completely optional. The main reason you came to the Sand Dunes is to collect Duskshade Petals unless you are just collecting crowns and filling in Silhouettes.


Carmine the Apothecary


Now how about we put those petals and herbs we collected in the Lost City and the Sand Dunes to some good use? You actually need them to purchase Duskshade Camembert. Arm that cheese in the Living Garden to attract Carmine the Apothecary. Catching her will change the world into a wild and twisted version of itself and you will get the following message in your journal:


The World is Twisted!



The Twisted Garden

It isn’t the Living Garden anymore or is it? The whole world just changed, and it’s much more terrifying than before. Mice here are still weak to Hydro Type Weapons, but if you look closely the ones available here are like the evolved form of the ones from the Living Garden. Needless to say, they are much more powerful now. Don’t lose heart and be prepared for those FTC’s and red boxes. One thing to be noted is that you need to keep hunting with Duskshade Camembert. You will get a warning in the HUD when wrong cheese is armed.

Failing to do so will transport you back to the normal world.


This is a slightly more complicated repeat of Living Garden all over again. What you need to do here is collect Graveblossom Petals. You will need these to purchase Graveblossom Camembert which is the only Cheese which will work in the Cursed City and the Sand Crypts, so stock up on them before moving ahead.

As far as the Dewdrop mini-game, you can see there are now two water jars instead of one.  Head to the Charm Shoppe and you will find Red Sponge and Yellow Sponge Charms instead of the normal ones. However, you will need to Arm Red and Yellow Sponge Charms to attract mice carrying Red and Yellow Dewdrops respectively. You can collect a maximum of 10 Red Dewdrops and 10 Yellow Dewdrops. The hunt multiplier on the Twisted Garden dew drops are similar to the Living Garden except when you fill one side, you get one hunt for each drop, then when you fill the other side, you get two hunts for each drop. But just like the Living Garden pouring 20 drops will keep the Garden watered for 35 Hunts.

Watering the Twisted Garden with them will not only attract the Dehydrated Mouse but also give a increase of 5% Power Bonus and 5 Luck. Once watered, hunt for the Dehydrated Mouse until the ground becomes dry again. It should be noted that it is always a good idea to water the garden when you are going after the Twisted Carmine about whom we will find out later.

Be sure to disarm these valuable red and yellow sponge charms while the ground is watered so you don’t waste them. This mini-game just like the other areas is just for fun and will get you a Dehydrated Mouse for your collection.


The Cursed City


It looks like Living Garden wasn’t the only area which changed. The City which was already lost looks horrifying as ever, but don’t panic. Just like the Lost City you will need an Arcane Trap here. The Mice are much more powerful though and are the evolved form of those found in the Lost City. Graveblossom Camembert is the only Cheese which will work here and just like the Twisted Garden using some other Cheese here will also transfer you back to the real world. In this area the objective is to collect Plumepearl Herbs

On the left hand side, you can see are three different curses affecting this place. You need to get rid of them first to attract the rare Essence Guardian mice. Just like in the Lost City, you will need to visit the charm shoppe to undo this curse. This time you will need not one, but three charms to dispel the curse. They are Clarity Charms, Shine Charms, and Bravery Charms requiring 1 Ber Essence each. You will need to catch a mouse with each charm armed to get rid of those three curses and give you a chance to attract the Essence Guardian Mouse.

Just like with the Cursed Mouse in the Lost City, catching or even attracting a Corrupt Mouse will bring back the curse and make you start the process all over again.

One interesting and sort of good thing here is if you catch a Corrupt Mouse with a Clarity, Shine, or Bravery Charm armed, it will still dispel that portion of the curse but re-ignite the other two. This may have been fixed in the recent Monday Morning Tweaks update.

Once again, removing the curse here is just an optional mini-game and should not deter you from you main goal of collecting Plumepearl Herbs.


The Sand Crypts

Carmine’s spell didn’t leave the Sand Dunes unscathed either as it has now changed to the Sand Crypts. You will still encounter Shadow type mice here.
We got an anonymous tip from a reliable source that the reasons the developers chose to use the Shadow trap power type in the Sand Dunes and the Sand Crypts because it’s so sunny here that the mice seek out the shadows. *Groan*

Just like the Cursed City, Graveblossom Camembert is the only cheese which can be used here. Use it to collect Lunaria Petals which can be obtained here as loot drops from the mice.

The Charm Shoppe here has two more charms for sale. They are rather self-explanatory. Grub Salt Charms which can be purchased with 1 Ber essence leave a thin crust of salt every time you use one. Accumulation of salt helps in catching the King Grub Mouse which can only be attracted by arming a Grub Scent Charm costing 1 Cynd Essence each. The higher the amount of salt brings a higher the chance of catching him.  My advice is to collect salt until the indicator turns from red to green before arming a Grub Scent Charm. The power meter changes from yellow to green at about 40 catches with salt charms armed.

This fun mini-game is once again completely optional and serves no purpose other than being a fun way to fill in another silhouette.

Twisted Carmine

Here is the ultimate reason you are here- to catch the formidable Twisted Carmine and right the wrongs of this Twisted World. In order to catch her you need to go back to the Twisted Garden, set up your strongest Hydro Trap/Base combination, and arm Lunaria Camembert which can be purchased with Lunaria Petals and Plumepearl Herbs. Be prepared because she isn’t easy to catch. If you do manage to catch her, she will drop a Living Chest.

Each Living Chest seemed to consistently contain 1 Fresh Twisted Garden Soil (necessary to craft the Soiled Base), 1 Gur Essence, and random amounts of essences,  cheese, and/or petals.

After you catch Twisted Carmine you are NOT automatically booted into the Normal World, so keep hunting with your Lunaria Camembert to potentially catch multiple Twisted Carmines on one Twisted World run!

Strategy Tip: Make sure to leave some dewdrops in the pot when you leave Twisted Garden to hunt in Cursed City or Sand Crypts. That way when you come back to hunt for Twisted Carmine, you will benefit from the 5% power bonus and +5 luck when you pour them out!

The Book of Living Recipes


In each of the new areas you will notice The Book of Living Recipes in the HUD and it contains 17 new recipes. 8 Essences, 3 new Weapons, 1 new Base, 2 new charms, and a convertible item. The last two include Ultimate Power Charms and Ultimate Luck Charms which are finally craftable as epic charms in the game.


Garden Essences

As I mentioned before they are crafted by combining 1 prism (purchased from the General store for 500 gold) + 3 of the previous essences.

3 Aleth essences + 1 Essence Prism = 1 Ber essence

3 Ber essences + 1 Essence Prism = 1 Cynd essence

3 Cynd  essences + 1 Essence Prism = 1 Dol essence

3 Dol essences + 1 Essence Prism = 1 Est Essence

3  Est Essences + 1 Essence Prism = 1 Fel Essence

3  Fel Essences + 1 Essence Prism = 1 Gur Essence

3  Gur Essences + 1 Essence Prism = 1 Hix Essence

3  Hix Essences + 1 Essence Prism = 1 Icuri Essence


New Weapons

The Phantasmic Oasis Trap


  • Power: 5850
  • Power Bonus: 15%
  • Attraction Bonus: 20%
  • Luck: 26
  • Cheese Effect: No Effect



The name says it all. It’s an upgrade for the Oasis Water Node Trap so will become the ultimate Hydro Type Trap in the Game:

To Craft the Phantasmic Oasis Trap Blueprint mix one each of the Est, Fel, and Icuri Essences.

  • 1 x Phantasmic Oasis Trap Blueprints (Est +Fel +Icuri Essences)
  • 1x Oasis Water Node Trap Parts (from smashed OWNT)
  • 3 x Phantasmic Essence (from Living or Twisted Garden General Store)


The Clockwork Portal Trap


  • 3,900 Power
  • 12% Power Bonus
  • 20 Luck
  • 10% Attraction Bonus
  • No Cheese Effect

It’s an upgrade for the Clockapult of Time and will become the most powerful Shadow Type Trap in the Game:

Clockwork Portal Blueprints: 1x Icuri Essence + 1x Fel Essence
Clockwork Portal Trap: Clockwork Portal Blueprints + Clock Parts + 8x Umbral Capacitors

  • 1 x Clockwork Portal Trap Blueprints (crafted from 1 Fel Essence + 1 Icuri Essence)
  • 1x Clock Parts (from smashed Clockapult of Time)
  • 8 x Umbral Capacitors (from Sand Dunes or Sand Crypts General Store for 500,000 gold each, Eight times 500,000= 4,000,000!)


Grand Arcanum Trap


  • Power: 4800
  • Power Bonus: 12%
  • Luck: 22
  • Attraction Bonus: 5%
  • No Cheese Effect


It’s a giant, but costly upgrade for the A.C.R.O.N.Y.M.  It is a huge upgrade and it’s now the best Arcane Type Trap available in the Game.

  • 1 x Grand Arcanum Trap Blueprints (crafted from 1 Gur + 1 Icuri essences)
  • 1 x A.C.R.O.N.Y.M. Parts (from a smashed A.C.R.O.N.Y.M. trap 949,050+ gold)
  • 1 x Arcane Crystal (from Lost or Cursed City General Store for 2,500,000 gold)
  • 40 x Tiny Platinum Bars (from Training Grounds, Lost, or Cursed City General Stores for 60,000 each x 40= 2,400,000 gold)

  New Base

Soiled Base

The Soiled Base gives an impressive 400 Power, 12% Power Bonus along with 6 Luck which is a bit on the downside but that is where the two new Charms comes into play. Adding the Growth Charm gives a +3 Luck boost, and adding the Wild Growth Charm gives a whopping +9 Luck boost.

  • 1 x Soiled Base Blueprints (crafted from 3 different garden essences 1 Fel + 1 Gur + 1 Hix Essence)
  • 3 x Fresh Twisted  Garden Soil (from Living Chest dropped by Twisted Carmine)
  • 1 x Dewthief Petal (loot drop in Living Garden)
  • 1 x Duskshade Petal (loot drop in Sand Dunes)
  • 1 x Graveblossom Petal (loot drop in Twisted Gardens)
  • 1 x Lunaria Petal (loot drop in Sand Crypts)

New Charms

Growth Charm

This Charm increases the luck  of the Soiled Base by +3


Wild Growth Charm

Gives a huge +9 Luck boost when armed with the Soiled Base


Ultimate Power Charms

  • 1 Est essence
  • 1000 Charmbits
  • 1 Divine Orb


 Ultimate Luck Charms


 New Convertible

Unstable Gourd

  • 1 Est essence
  • 1 Plant Pot

The unstable gourd is like an unstable curd in the Furoma Region. This is exciting to all the people like me who are addicted to poking curds. I can’t wait to see what cool things and profit that come from “poking” Unstable Gourds.


Overall, Here is a one sentence Summary of the what we have to do in the six areas by Josh Hankins : “We need to collect Dewthief Petals in the Living Garden to buy Dewthief Camembert to use in the Lost City to collect Dreamfluff Herbs and in the Sand Dunes to collect Duskshade Petals, to buy Duskshade Camembert to hunt in the Living Garden again to collect Graveblossom Petals to buy Graveblossom Camembert to hunt in the Cursed City to collect Lunaria Petals and in the Sand Crypts to collect Plumepearl Herbs to buy Lunaria Camembert to hunt in the Twisted Garden to catch Twisted Carmine.”

Whew, if that made sense to you, you understand in a nutshell what needs to be done. If not, then take a look at the picture below should give a fair idea of what to do in a graphic format.


 P.S- Click on the picture to view it in full size.


Frequently Asked Questions


  • What Trap Setup should I use in the Living Gardens?

Anything below the Oasis Water Node is not advisable. Along with that use your strongest Base which offers a good mix of both high power and luck.

  • Will my progress reset if I leave these area ?

Your progress will remain intact even if you leave the area. Be it the normal world or twisted dimension.

  • What are Mini Games ?

Mini Games are there to give players a choice to play the game in an active or passive manner, whichever they want.

  • Are the rewards worth it ?

It depends upon the one which you are doing.

  • When should I pour my Red and Yellow Dewdrops in the Twisted Garden ?

The best way to utilize them is when you are hunting for Twisted Carmine with Lunaria Camembert because of the extra 5 Luck and 5% power bonus.

  • Won’t I also attract Dehydrated Mouse then ?

No, Lunaria Camembert won’t attract Dehydrated Mouse.

  • How many Grub Salt Charms do I need to strengthen my Trap for catching the Grub King?

30 seems to be a good number.

  • The trap effectiveness bar still shows it as near impossible. Am I doing something wrong ?

It has been observed that filling the Salt Meter doesn’t effect the Trap Effectiveness. It will show near impossible all the time.

  •  Will my Salt Meter reset if I Fail to Catch a King Grub ?

No, it will only reset when you catch a King Grub

  • How does the Two dimensions operates in terms of friends taking you on hunts ?

There is an interesting parallel link to the two worlds with Horn Calls. You can get horn calls from other friends hunting in the parallel areas in the Twisted Garden/Living Garden, Cursed City/Lost City, Sand Crypts/Sand Dunes. For example: You can be in the Lost City and go on a hunt with someone in the Cursed City


So that’s it then. Or is it ?

 LG Expansion


So finally we are here after a journey to remember and The Twisted Carmine should think twice before carrying forward her evil plan. Things are finally back to normal or is it ? Strange sightings have been reported in the last few days. And they were not just mere rumours. They are back with an intent for vengeance and even the most seasoned hunters in Living Garden are finding it hard to repel the threat.

3 New Bosses

Three new Boss Mice are leading this uprising in 3 different location that is Twisted Garden, Sand Crypts and Cursed City. But encountering them isn’t that simple. It will bring out the most patient hunter in you as you attract them by using the Shattering Charm. That is the only possible way to attract them and nothing else will work.

Now not only do these Charm require an Icuri Essence, you will also need a bottle of Aromatic Oil to craft them. A bottle of Aromatic Oil can be an expensive affair for many since they cost a whooping 1 Million each. But good thing is that they are consumed when you catch a Boss.




Shattering Charm


Crafting Recipe :-

  • 1 Icuri essence
  • 1000 Charmbits
  • 1 Epic Orb
  • 1 Aromatic Oil

The Shattered Carmine

S CarmineShe is evil personified. The reincarnate of evil. The harbinger of doom… Ok, before getting too carried away with her evil prowess, how exactly do we stop her ? Seems impossible right ? Yes, you are right however with your newly crafted Shattering Charm you do stand a chance. She won’t be enticed by anything apart from Lunaria Camembert. The process is very much simple and straightforward. All you need to do is follow the same procedure you did against the Twisted Carmine.

Hydro/Shattering Charm/ Lunaria Camembert

She is a mighty adversary and you might need a good amount of Cheese before settling things with her. Also make sure to go after her with the Phantasmic Oasis and nothing below it. When you catch her, she will drop the Living Garden Theme Scrap 1 and a Shattered Chest. Each Shattered Chest contains 1 Rift Mist and may additionally contain some of the following items:

  • Dol Essence     1-3
  • Est Essence     1-2
  • Fel Essence     1
  • Lunaria Petal     3-6
  • Magic Essence     10-25
  • Plankrun’s Rift Notes 3     1
  • Plankrun’s Shattered Carmine Notes 1     1
  • Plankrun’s Shattered Carmine Notes 2     1
  • Plumepearl Herbs     3-6
  • Ultimate Luck Charm     1
  • Ultimate Power Charm     1-2


The Dark Magi

Dark MagiHe possesses formidable powers which are out of this world. Only those with a heart of steel will stand any chance against him. The weak hearted ones should stay away lest they want to be lost for eternity. With unmatched courage armed with a Shattering Charm you should be able to put an end to his sinister plans. You need to clear the Three Curses in the Cursed City or else he won’t show up. Similar to how you catch the Essence Guardian.

Arcane/Shattering Charm/ Graveblossom Camembert

Similar to the Shattered Carmine don’t go after him before getting the Grand Arcanum. Once you catch him you will get a Living Garden Theme Scrap 2 and a Dark Chest. Each Dark Chest contains 1 Rift Stars and may additionally contain some of the following items:

  • Dol Essence     1-3
  • Est Essence     1-2
  • Fel Essence     1
  • Lunaria Petal     3-6
  • Magic Essence     10-25
  • Plankrun’s Dark Magi Notes     1
  • Plankrun’s Rift Notes 2     1
  • Plumepearl Herbs     3-6
  • Ultimate Luck Charm     1
  • Ultimate Power Charm     1-2

The King Scarab

King Scarab

He is humongous. You would have to be out of your mind to face him without adequate preparation. Remember your encounter with the King Grub? You need to follow the same procedure here. Salt up your trap to it’s full extent before arming your Shattering Charm.

Shadow/Shattering Charm/Graveblossom Camembert

And I wouldn’t advice anything other than the Clockwork Portal against him. When you catch him, he will drop the Living Garden Theme Scrap 3 and the Scarab Chest. Each Scarab Chest contains 1 Rift Crystal and may additionally contain some of the following items:

  • Dol Essence     1-3
  • Est Essence     1-2
  • Fel Essence     1
  • Lunaria Petal     3-6
  • Magic Essence     10-25
  • Plankrun’s Rift Notes 1     1
  • Plankrun’s King Scarab Notes     1
  • Plumepearl Herbs     3-6
  • Ultimate Luck Charm     1
  • Ultimate Power Charm     1-2

New Base

Rift Base

Rift BaseOne of the major reason for going after the Three Bosses is The Rift Base. It is the Base with the Highest Luck in the game and is part of the Riftwalker Set(details of which are not yet out and is still a mystery). With 11 Luck it is arguably the Best Base in the Game.


  • Power: 250
  • Power Bonus: 12%
  • Luck: 11
  • Attraction Bonus: 0%
  • Fresh Cheese Effect

But this thing comes at a sky high price. The Rift Base Blueprint will set you down by 7.5 Million in Gold. Yes, I know but I can ascertain you that there isn’t any typing mistakes here. Not to mention the other 3 items needed for it which can be obtained only from catching the three new boss.

Crafting Recipe:-

  • Rift Base Blueprint
  • Rift Crystal
  • Rift Mist
  • Rift Stars

New Charm


Ultimate Charm




Ultimate Charm


True to it’s name it indeed is the Ultimate Charm. The description says it all. You will have a guaranteed catch for the next mouse you attract and there is a chance that it might not be consumed. But that is completely random.

Crafting Recipe:-

  • Epic Orb
  • Rift Crystal
  • Rift Mist
  • Rift Stars
  • 2500 Charm Bits

Despite all this it is a charm near 3.5 Million Gold and also requires you to catch all the Three Bosses at least twice as you will use up those three items while crafting the Rift Base.


 The Living Garden Theme

Consider it a gift to honour your accolades against such formidable adversaries. Three Theme Scraps are needed to craft it and you will get them from the Three Bosses respectively. It is a beautiful new addition to your page and looks great.

Crafting Recipe:-

  • Living Garden Theme Scrap 1
  • Living Garden Theme Scrap 2
  • Living Garden Theme Scrap 3

Post Update Frequently Asked Question


This is what we have so far. Please keep checking back often. This will be updated as we are aware of more new contents.

If you have any questions or anything to add, please feel free to comment below.

Special acknowledgements to:

Rajarshi Roy for spearheading this guide.
Josh Hankins for his huge contributions,
Ashley Woods for his indispensable help,
Neel Roy,
Kanishk Singh,

Matthew Triggs for creating this website and doing all the geeky proofreading,
and all the Vermin Terminators team.

Thank you for reading The Ultimate Guide to Mousehunt.


  1. Caroline Gill says:

    Then go back to lg with duskshade cheese armed. catch carmine apothecary and go to the “upside down” lg called twisted garden… same traps water in tg, and arcane in cursed city and shadow in sand crypts. Hunt in tg with duskshade, arm red and yellow sponges that cost a ber essence each to catch mice easier and fill up the pots, catch mice to get next herb. Use next herb to make next cheese needed to hunt in both cursed city and in sand crypts… In cursed city you will need ber essences to buy the three charms bravery shine and clarity needed to dispel the curse on the city so you can have mice drop advanced essences… the corrupt mouse will reset the curse.

    • Thank you so much for your input Caroline. We are working round the clock to write this guide to help the MouseHunt community.

  2. Caroline Gill says:

    In the sand crypts you will fight the minions before the king grub… the minions come if you have grub salt charm armed… which costs a ber essence each. The good news is alot of ber essence is dropped. Still, the goal is to make the king grub catchable with our poor little reaper until we figure out how to build the ultimate shadow trap. so there is a meter. it starts in red with king uncatchable, and every catch moves it toward orange, then yellow and green. When enough mice are caught in sand crypt and king is green, then arm a grub scent charm which cost a cyn essence and try to catch him ( like warmonger?) make lunaria cheese and go back to twisted garden and try to catch twisted apothecary: boss mouse.

  3. Could you put up recipes as they are found?
    Unstable Gourd = Plant Pot + E
    Growth Charm = Divine Orb + 1000 Charmbit + D
    Soiled Base Blueprints = F + G + H

  4. jayy bigwood says:

    how many garden essences do you gotta mix to create the trap??? i dont understand, wich one do i gotta mix

  5. any idea what essence’s you use for the Phantasmic Oasis Trap

  6. The devs have tweaked some of the loots from some of the mice particularly the minigame mice for example I got this from a grubling mouse
    The mouse also dropped the following loot:
    4 Duskshade Petals and 1 Cynd Essence

    The petals never used to be there this might make the mini games worth more in terms of doing them.
    So I would appreciate it if you could post these new loots here and I can add them to the guide under the correct mice :) thx everyone

  7. Here’s a questions:
    When we catch Twisted Carmine, will we be transported back to the normal world or can we keep hunting until Lunaria Camembert runs out?
    >> maybe you might want to add this into the guide since i had a few friends ask the same thing.
    Btw, awesome guide.

  8. Josh Hankins rocks!

  9. koniczynek says:

    Any news about ingredients for other blueprints? :)

  10. Question about the Soil Base. Does the Growth / Wild Growth Charm gets used up? It seems expensive to craft one.

  11. Here u can update the pic on Carmine the Apothecary at
    and Twisted Carmine at
    as I’m also trying to craft Phantasmic Oasis Trap Blueprint, as soon as I get the result I will post here.

  12. There is a mistake. There is no “Fresh Living Garden Soil”, only “Twisted Living Garden Soil” (in the base receipt)

  13. Joshua Hi Soh says:

    Can someone tell me why is all the new traps LE?? Aren’t them permanent???

    • That is a really good question Joshua! I believe the reason you are seeing the LE in all the trap images is because they are being photographed with a LE Base such as the Dragon Jade Base which stamps the image LE.

  14. GAT has been crafted, please update ^___^
    Grand Arcanum Trap
    Power: 4800
    Power Bonus: 12%
    Luck: 22
    Attraction Bonus: 5%
    No Cheese Effect
    BP = I + G

  15. Whats the spec for the increase in power on the charms with the Soil base?

    • Thank you for the question. We just updated the guide with the specs. The Luck boost is +3 for growth and +9 for Wild Growth.

  16. Kristian Gonsholt says:

    Please update the stats on the growth and wild growth. They’re already on the Wiki.

  17. This new area is really a pain in the ***.

  18. Excellent info, thanks to all.

    When you arm a grub scent charm, if you attract but fail to catch the King does the salt charm meter reset, does anyone know?

  19. just a suggestion, for the index section. if the bullet points can be changed to hyperlinks to the specific section, would be really helpful as this is a long article and scrolling is kinda tiresome.

    on a side note. thanks for taking the time to write such a comprehensive guide. cheers!

  20. An initial go at crafting Unstable Gourds was a waste of Est Essence, unless I just have some bad luck:

    8:47 pm – Lost City
    I received 1 Dol Essence, 10 Limelight Cheese and 7 Combat Cheese from 3 Unstable Gourds.

    Would like to hear if others had better luck.

    • It seems like the consensus is that the unstable gourds are not worth it at this time, but remember this is a permanent area. As people get all the new traps and collect tons of Essences, unstable gourds will be the only reason to stay in this area.

  21. Consider adding the point that you won’t be removed from the twisted area when you leave the Sandtail region. All your progress is halted as it is.

  22. Wait a minute… To create ONE Icuri essence takes 1*3*3*3*3*3*3*3*3 = 6.561 Aleth. Worst “best case scenario” is that you are able to click the horn every 15 minutes, 24 hours a day. provided you are sucessful with your catch every time and get an Aleth every time it would still take 6.561*(15/60min)=1.640,25 hours. That equals to a total of 68+ days of continuous clicking.
    Providing you are not able to click the horn every 15 minutes for 24 hours of the day, but rather maybe 40 times a day and also taking into account that not every horn call is sucessful (out of 6 I have catched 3 Aleth = 50% success)
    Then you get 6.561/40/0,5 = 328,05 days of clicking

    I really hope mice in teh other locations drops other essences ;)

    • Johan, that is one way of doing that. :P But you will be relieved to know that B and C essence are quite common as well. You will get D, E and F as well later on. Also everytime you catch a Twisted Carmine you get a G essence in the Living Chest. which will drastically reduce the total number of hunts needed.

  23. to catch the King Grub, I believe 45-50 would allow you to catch one within 3-5 tries. that’s according to my experience. :)

    i love your site, thanks!

  24. 12:13 pm – Living Garden
    I crafted 1 Grand Arcanum Trap and learned the recipe to make: Grand Arcanum Trap!

    12:09 pm – Living Garden
    I crafted 1 Grand Arcanum Trap Blueprints and learned the recipe to make: Grand Arcanum Blueprints!

  25. Sean Ong says:
  26. How long does it needed to catch all the breed in this region?

  27. Jonathan says:

    How many pieces of Dewthief Camembert should I collect before moving on to other territories without it being a waste? (approximatly)

    • Atleast a couple hundred, I’d say.

    • Hi!
      All in all I crafted like 1600 Dewthief Camembert and I am actually on my last run to get my 6th Icuri (and the last big boss).
      First goal is to get the Phantasmic Oasis Trap (= your first Icuri). For that you need like 350 Dewthief Camembert (300 petals if you use Magic Essence).
      If you use Magic Essence, the amount of Duskshade Cheese is almost equal to the amount of Dewthief Camembert you initially had crafted/bought = roughly 1500 Duskshade.
      Count a few months of hunting there in order to get the Rift Base and you will need a lot of Super Brie ( Magic Essence) if you want to speed up the process (3(or 3+3) petals + Magic Essence = 4 pieces of cheese).
      Don’t give up ^^

  28. Jaden Koh says:

    Is there an alternate faster way to get the 3 traps than collecting aleth essences in living garden for a very long time so as to get an incuri essence to craft a trap?!

    • Bernard Phuah says:

      Hi there, I have crafted all the 3 traps by hunting at Living Garden with around 3k Brie and carefully distribute those Camembert for Sand Dunes/Lost City, as in you need to collect Petals from there and then hunt again in Twisted Garden. The cheese require both Petals to buy with so it is advised to minimum the unequal amount. After that just keep moving, hunt Twisted Carmine at the end. Oh, and you need to have enough budget for crafting them too. Good luck in hunting.


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