The 2012 Great Winter Hunt

This event is extremely new and will be updated as we learn together. Please Comment below on the guide if you have any questions or additional information. We might be late in updating some portions of this guide as the maker of this guide is actively helping in the Typhoon Bopha Relief Efforts.

The Great Winter Hunt is finally upon us. Let us join the hunt with festive valor.

First you must hunt almost anywhere in the kingdom and catch a Confused Courier Mouse. He will drop a Letter to Santa which is the “key” to the MegaBuy Mart. If you are having trouble finding him, most hunters are finding success hunting in the Meditation Room with normal cheese… i.e. Brie or Gouda.

When you read the letter, you see Al has some childhood issues from not receiving what they wanted from Santa for 12 years or so.

After you receive this loot, you can travel to the MegaMart.

Once you arrive here, your objective is to start collecting Festive Feta Cheese. Just arm any cheese and high attraction and high luck trap as the mice here are really weak. If you are impatient, you might want to use SUPERbrie+ to attract the Snowflake Mouse who drops Festive Feta.

If you look at your Head’s Up Display (HUD) you will notice a few things.

There is a calendar of events that basically shows the release date of new letters from the Confused Courier for this event. With each release,there will likely be new mice with important trap parts available for a fun new Christmas trap, the Wrapped Gift Trap.

The first trap parts we are looking for are the Moon Mobile parts. It seems that the Triple Lutz Mouse and Scrooge Mouse drops them and maybe other mice. If you arm Winter charms with Festive Feta or SuperBrie+ you are way more likely to attract the loot dropping mice. You will also need to collect Ice Coins that work like currency for the Trapsmith and Festive Shoppe. Save your ice coins until at least December 21st and spend them wisely. You will obviously need 100 for the new trap and plenty more for the cool items only available during this event. I know Gauntlet Potion Tier 3 potions will be popular as well as the three Token Packs (for high profit Furoma Runs). It really depends on where you are in the game as what you want to spend your ice coins on, but whatever you spend them on, you will certainly want as many ice coins saved as possible.

If you aren’t in the MegaBuy Mart yet, don’t delay because as each new mouse is released, the rarer the previous loot drop becomes making it very difficult to get the new trap. If you hunt here for the whole month with Festive Feta, you should have no problems. Also, don’t forget to collect tons of Ice Coins.

Once you collect a little Festive Feta, arm it to attract the next Confused Courier Mouse.

You will notice to the right of this disturbing yet cute message there is a Moon Mobile Parts counter:

Once you catch the second Coufused Courier Mouse and read the Letter to Santa Age 6, the Moon Mobile counter will also show up on your HUD

It obviously shows that you need to collect 10 Moon Mobile Parts. It seems like the Mobile Moon Parts are commonly dropped by the Triple Lutz Mouse.


With Festive Feta armed you can attract mice not only with Trap Parts, but also Gnawnia Winter Gifts.

Oh goody, a Christmas Present! There is no way I’m waiting until Christmas morning to see what’s inside. Let’s open it now!

It looks like there are random cheeses and items inside every Winter Gift. It will be fun and profitable to collect as many as we can.

Other results are as follows:

9:25 am – MegaBuy Mart
I received 1 Coconut Timber and 2 Limestone Bricks from 2 Purple Winter Hunt Gift Boxes.
9:26 pm – MegaBuy Mart
I received 1 Super Warpath Archer Charm from 1 Purple Winter Hunt Gift Box.
9:26 pm – MegaBuy Mart
I received 1 Super Warpath Warrior Charm from 1 Purple Winter Hunt Gift Box.

Once again, the gifts are fairly random, but they are rank appropriate. You will receive different colored gifts depending on your rank.

The Third Confused Courier was released late December 12.

The Great Winter Hunt Confused Courier Mouse 3 Journal Mousehunt


He drops the Letter to Santa, Age 7.

Letter to Santa Age 7 Mousehunt 2012 Winter Hunt



After reading this letter, it reveals that you need to collect 10 Raygun Parts which are dropped by the Ribbon Mouse.

The Great Winter Hunt Raygun Parts Mousehunt

After Catching the third Confused Courier Mouse, your HUD should look something like this:

The Great Winter Hunt September 12 HUD Mousehunt
It’s 14th in Dev Land and the 4th Confused Courier is now out.


He drops the Letter to Santa, Age 8.

letter_4As you can see going by the letter you need to collect Robot Parts dropped by the Snowglobe Mouse. So arm your Festive Feta and get going.

Toy Robot

5th Confused Courier was released on 17th and he drops the Letter to Santa, Age 9.

letter_5The action figure mentioned here is a Dragon Mouse Action figure for which you need to collect 10 more parts.


  • What is the recommended Weapon/Base Combo ?

Mice in this event are weak and hence every single Power Type except Parental works. So the Weapon and Base really isn’t an issue. And going by the usual trend in the events the in game luck doesn’t play that huge a factor, hence it’s all about your own luck. So this won’t be a bad time to bring back your old hunting buddies into the fold which are now forgotten with all the high end Traps out there now.

  • Which Cheese is recommended for collecting Festive Feta ?

Sb+ is supposed to be the best possible option. But I have tried Brie as well along with it and it was quite good too actually.

  • I am not getting any loot. Am I doing something wrong ?

As long as you are catching the new Mice by using Festive Feta you are doing it right. The toy parts loot are random and not a 100% drop. Don’t worry cause there’s plenty of time in this event and even the most passive of the players should be able to complete it easily.

  • Why am I only getting Purple Winter Hunt Gift Boxes ?

The kind of Gift Boxes you receive depends upon your rank. Blue for Novice to Grandmaster, Green for Legendary to Knight, Red for Lords and Ladies and Purple for Baron/Baroness and above.

  •  What is the advantage of using Winter Charms?

They help in attracting the Mouse of Winter Past, Present and Future along with Scrooge who drops Toy Parts and Ice Coins

Thank you for reading The Ultimate Guide to Mousehunt. Please Comment below on the guide if you have any questions or additional information. We might be late in updating some portions of this guide as the maker of this guide is actively helping in the Typhoon Bopha Relief Efforts.



  1. - 2nd letter at MegaBuy Mart
    - 1st Moon mobile parts

  2. a mousehunter says:

    if we arm Festive Feta, the Elf mouse will disappear from the effectiveness list, any idea why?

  3. a mousehunter says:

    addition to previous comment: as well the Present mouse,

  4. What bait for first Confused Courier catch?

  5. @Sam: I caught one with swiss in meadow.

  6. First confused courier I caught was in the Meditation Room on Brie cheese. As for farming Festive Feta – I tried last night with SB+ and the following set-up: NVMRC+Wooden Base With Target+Att charm. For a night I had 28 FF ^^

  7. Hi, I’ve been at the Cats all morning and I was wondering if you can also catch a Confused Courier Mouse even if you’re using special cheese like RB?

  8. I have a question, what is the chance of farming FF with normal cheese such as gouda or brie?

  9. Where and how do you catch a confused courier mouse?

  10. Where can I find the 3rd moon mobile part?

  11. Just thought I’d mention that the confused carrier mouse didn’t appear on the list of available mice at the Twisted Garden so it’s not available to catch everywhere.

  12. Hey guys i got a question, is it possible to complete the event by using sb and wintercharms ? and not using FF.

  13. Last night my brother equipped his HVMT & Aqua base with swiss & I equipped my Rhinobot/Dragon Jade with brie. He got 31 FF in 17 hunts & I got 10 in 17 hunts. Maybe the mice that drop FF are more attracted to swiss? Just a consideration. I decided to switch to swiss & I am getting more FF drops now.

  14. Hey, I’ve got a question. That calendar at the HUD shows mice that will be released right? What if I caught the Triple Lutz on the 11th instead of the 10th? Will it appear on the calendar? Mine still appears black =/

    • You should be able to catch these mice well after their release dates on the calendar. They just drop in population as the other mice are released which makes them rarer and more difficult to catch. They will not be impossible to catch after that date. It will just be more difficult.

  15. Clare Logan says:

    I have been hunting since event began. I have hunted in 3 different locations, using different setups, baits and charms and still have not been able to catch the CCM. Any suggestions? Maybe there are a group of people who just won’t be allowed to participate in the event! :(

  16. Clare Logan says:

    I have checked the mice available to be caught under different setups and the CCM does not appear. I am in the meadow where my daughter just caught her CCM with the same setup as I. Should the CCM show up under this mice list?

  17. will all the moon mobile parts be at Mega Buy? I’ve got the first one (took forever). I’m wondering if I should keep hunting here or move around.

  18. Clare Logan says:

    Anna, Yes. Keep hunting in the Mega Bay.

  19. I just added a bunch of updates.

  20. Clare Logan says:

    Here it is, just a few hours away from the next letter being released and I still have not caught the CCM. What worries me the most is that no matter where I hunt, what setup / bait I use, the CCM does not appear the the mice available to be caught list. Is this right? Is it suppose to show up on the list if it can be caught in that area? I sure would like to be participating in the event. If it is suppose to get harder as the next letter is released and I am having this much trouble just catching the 1st CCM to grant me entry to the MegaBuy, what chance will I have catching all I need to get the trap? :(

  21. hard to get purple winter hunt gift box

  22. is the letter after the moon mobile part out yet?

  23. hey guys i would recommend sb with enraged rhinobot and a high luck or attraction base. i am using sb with enraged rhinobot and aqua base and i am getting around 36 ff from just 5 hunts

  24. markynjared says:

    hi guys! what are the ways we can collect ice coins this year? i remember last year we could collect ice coins from hunters’ profiles, but this year the only way is from the loot of mice. this is way too slow, since mice drop 1 ice coin at a time and not all the time. how am i suppose to get the wrapped gift trap that costs 100 coins?

    thanks! :)

  25. Michael Chan says:

    Hey guys, I have been having trouble with clearing Triple Lutz Mouse. It still appears black even after i catch it numorous times using Festive Feta, and it dropped Mobile Parts for me. Can anyone tell me how to solve this problem? Or is it a general thing?

  26. Anyone caught their third Confused Courier mouse yet? (For Dec 12)

    • We’re all eagerly awaiting that moment too.

      • Thanks! (Just wondering if I should be wasting my Festive Feta, or trying to gather more!)

        • Michael Chan says:

          Ah, I have completed the Moon Mobile, and now im waiting for that moment too, when the next letter comes… though it has already shown on the page when i click on the Moon Mobile itself, i dont know how to move on, as i cant seem to attract any CCM :/

          • I’m in the exact same spot! Moon Mobile complete, but the Dec 12 is still locked. I can seen the age 6 letter (asking for the moon), but haven’t gotten another CCM with the next letter.

          • I’ve got the letter! Aged 7… Hang in there guys… I’m sure you’ll get it sooner or later… And i haven’t finished my Moon mobile yet -.-

          • Awesome Edmund! What cheese were you using? A general cheese or Festive Feta?

    • I am in the exact spot. Anyone have tried using the winter charm?

      • I’m trying the winter charm, but not sure it’s worth it given the cost of 2 Festive Feta… with the charm I seem to get a toy part 1/4 or 1/5 hunts… without it seemed to be around 1/6 or 1/8… don’t have exact numbers.

    • Oooh, ooh, the icon where there was a lock for Dec 12 is now gone, and a closed envelope with question marks has replace it… AND when I equip Festive Feta, the Confused Courier shows up as a an available mouse to catch! (It doesn’t show up when I have Brie equipped)

  27. i was confused and wasn’t trying to collect the toy parts for the first mouse…. i know they said that it will be harder to catch after the next mouse drops the next letter.. does anyone have any suggestions on what trap set up i should use to catch the triple lutz mouse or should i just equip my luckiest trap/base set up.. and use the ff/winter charm…thanks in advance

  28. Hey guys i completed my snow mobile and i got the third CCM using FF. Now hunting for raygun parts. Good luck people ;d anyone at the same pace as me ???

  29. I find it so hard to even get a single moon mobile part I only have 2. And now we must build the raygun.
    Any good combos?
    I am currently using mutated Venus / dehydration / winter charm/ festive feta

  30. @Miku
    I wish I was m8. But this night was a total fail for me – not a signle mouse dropped me FF. I read somewhere that in Mega Buy you need alot of attraction and luck. So I decided my set-up will be the NVMRC + wooden base with target, armed with Brie and attraction charms. My total stats is 2,717p, 19L and 35%attraction rate.
    Anyone have an I dead for a better set up that will raise my chances for collecting FF?

    • bluepuppygirl says:

      your attraction and luck rate is high enough. try using power charms to boost power.

      the higher the power, the more consistently effective your trap will be.

      i am using enraged rhinobot + cheesecake base + luck charms + brie. stats are 6,865 P, 20 L & 25% A. Netted myself 30+ FF within 12 hours.

    • Sir Keithalot says:

      use cheesecake if u have instead of the wooden base with current setup when getting parts of ray gun/mobile is acronym+candy cane+ golden shield.33 luck ! :) 0% attraction but nvr mind.FF has good attraction. if i wanna farm for ff i guess i use the same setup with brie.not good but luck=drop rate :)

    • robert foster says:

      the best set up is your hydro traps and dragon jade base, i use the Oasis Water Noodle trap and jade base
      i have a 6/10 catch rate for ff .

    • I used Venus mousetrap with dehydration and SuperBrie without any charms and I got 41 FF in one night

  31. mousehunter says:

    i cant seem to complete my moon mobile while i have already done the ray gun … HELP

    • SAME!! I don’t know if the chances of getting the previous part has lessen or it’s gone for good D:

      • i actually collected 5 moon parts today 121312 but having problems collecting the other 5 im just using the luckiest trap/base i have plus the winter charm/ff if that helps any

    • you need to use winter charms to attract scrooge mice then.they dropped moon mobile.for raygun is winter past and robot is winter present. Winter charms are required

  32. Mmmh…. I cought 2 confused courier mouse and so I’m in the megabuy mart area with the goal of 10 moon mobile parts. I’ve read I have to catch the Triple Lutz Mouse in order to drop this parts. But I don’t see this mouse in the effectiveness list. I’m using winter charms, FF, papyrus base and sphinx wrath. What am I missing?

  33. markynjared says:

    hi guys! are there any other ways to collect ice coins than through loot drops of mice? thanks! :)

    • Unfortunately unlike last year, where you could collect them from your friends’s profiles, up to this moment they are only known to drop from either scrooge, red ribbon or tripple lutz.

  34. i’m left behind i need 3 moon mobile part anye point to catch triple lutz for moon pats?
    (ray gun and robot complete)

  35. Hey guys- I’ve started the GWH late, and already 3 letters have been released. I’m having trouble collecting previous loot- only 2 raygun parts and no moon mobile parts. Any tips/ideas for attracting them? I’m getting desparate- would sb+ help?

  36. hey guys, i cant seem to catch triple lutz, are they gone for good, its kinda getting frustrating and im curently using acronym with runic base with atraction charms

  37. hey guys, a friend of mine uses ambush and dehydration base but collects more festas than me although i am using acronym and runic base, whats wrong with my set up?

  38. Reporting progress:
    So far the toy hunting is going smooth, I am already on my 6/10 dinosaur toy parts and 51coins. I altered my trap set up – before I was using NVMRC + wooden base with target; now I switched the trap with Ancient Spear – It has the same att and luck bonuses as the NVMRC but with way higher power. I have been using this set up for 2 days now it is more successfull than my previous one. The base remains wooden base with target. The only problem for me appears to be the coins. I MIGHT be able to get 100 for assembling the trap before 25.12. However I want to buy some other cool stuff too, like the 2 bases which I don’t own yet :D
    About the gifts from mice – it is a really nice addition to this years event. The big boxes drop nice things – so far from most of them I have received one or two king’s credits, once I even got a “Crate of delicious stones” Maybe you can add a list of possible items this gift boxes drop – I am at Knight rank so I get these things from Green boxes :)

  39. I have’t had the moon mobile until now… What i’m supposed to do?? >.<

  40. just…need…one… more… mobile part ): so freaking hard to loot

    • @lolipops – are you using FF+winter charms to gather them?

      • yo lolipops tell us your combination or what u use for mobile part

        • yea i caught all of them already, basically just acrnoym with candycane base with atraction charm, winter charm is a MUST as it is imposible right now to catch triple lutz or scrooge without any winter charm, and i also used my king’s credit to buy the sb+ supply pack that also comes with a 3 day lucky shield validity( adds on 7 luck).. after all its just 30 kingcredits (:

        • yea i caught all of them already, basically just acrnoym with candycane base with atraction charm, winter charm is a MUST as it is imposible right now to catch triple lutz or scrooge without any winter charm, and i also used my king’s credit to buy the sb+ supply pack that also comes with a 3 day lucky shield validity( adds on 7 luck).

  41. damn triple lutz mouse i catch him 2 time in 2 days and no drop..f..k.i need just 3 moon mobile parts i’m disperate .

    • My brother has the same problem dude, did u try arming winter charms? In my oppinion – the devs screwed up this event big time. Let’s hope they will raise the drop for all parts nearing Christmas eve ^^

  42. yes i try with winter charms and nothing just coin …:( now i try with gouda

  43. the triple lutz mouse doesn’t show up in my effectiveness list, and i haven’t gotten any parts for the moon mobile, toy ragun, toy robot, or the dragon mouse action figure, but i have gotten the letter to santa age 6, 7, 8, and 9 from the confused courier mouse. My trap has 3,894 arcane power, 24 luck, and %15 attraction bonus. Am I doing anything wrong or why haven’t I caught any of the part-dropping mice?

  44. I finished building the trap 13 hrs ago and i am now collecting ff and around 50 pieces now

  45. i need 11 more ice coins to build the trap. any tips on getting ice coins?

    • Well my observations and experience from this event so far are that the trap isn’t very worth it. It’s nice for lower-rank hunters. All in all it is only worth it to farm for gifts, buy supplies from the store with coins, and the collectibles for the collectors. The runes are pretty nice at only 4 coins per piece. Once Ronza comes I will buy the hell out of her and it’s back to the isles for plan farming to get preprared for my Enraged Rhinobot and Ancient Box. For lower-rank playes the MegaBuy Mart is a perfect place to farm, untill the event is over. And the bases will be a very nice addition to their trap sets. :) For the points they require they are more than perfect untill legendary – hero, and even up to knight, supposing Ronza brings the plans for the Tiki Base this year ^^

  46. ok so when do we actually GET ANYTHING from this event? Dont tell me I did this whole thing for a 1000 point trap, please because that would make me very sad.. Greedy Al is handing out presents but where is the reward for the player ? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • The trap gets upgraded when u catch greedy Al

    • the reward is that you get a powered-up trap for the duration of the event that you can use to farm ice coins for stuff/ catch difficult mice?

      i also imagine that you get the trap left over after the event but what stats it’ll have, I don’t know.

  47. ER i caught 2 greedy al but i dont have any rewards ??? how do i get them

    • Hello!

      What set-up did you use to catch Greedy Al? Been trying with FF and Winter Charms for the past few days but no luck. Gingerbread Base for me.

  48. How do I get the “gifting trap”???

  49. Will seasoned Gouda have the same effects as festive feta?

  50. when is the event going to end???

    any tips on how do i catch greedy al??????

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