Read All About It: New Goldleaf Mouse Released!

There’s a new mouse running amok in the Kingdom of Gnawnia. It seems to have made it’s home in the Great Gnarled Tree.

Well, what is this new and exciting mouse and how can I catch it?

It’s the Goldleaf Mouse, and it appears to be weak to Tactical Traps and it does not have a preference for any type of cheese. Which means you thankfully don’t need SUPERbrie+ to catch it. My recommended trap setup is your most powerful Tactical Trap and Gnarled cheese or Gouda, although any cheese would probably work. There are also reports that this mouse likes Cherry Cheese and even regular Brie. Like I said before, I think just about any cheese will do if you are patient enough. If you are impatient like me, you will probably use SB+ and just get it over with. This mouse seems to pose no threat to red-boxing you as it seems relatively easy to catch.

Here is the official description: “Goldleaves are known for their striking ears. They change color based on the hue of the leaves they eat each season.
Rumor has it this mouse comes from a far off land called Elunia…
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Magic Pets? It’s a new game by Hitgrab that might be worth checking out.

The most interesting thing about this Goldleaf Mouse is not just its cool artwork, but what it drops as loot.


It appears to drop doobers.

Which inspires me to ask? What are doobers and how many can I have? What powerful new trap will they create?

Disappointingly, it appears that Doobers are nothing more than a collectable piece of MouseHunt history.  They seem to be a Limited Edition Loot, so get one while you can. The good news is if you don’t have a doobers and your friend has a doobers, it appears the doobers are tradable and giftable. It also looks like you can only hold one doobers in your inventory. So much for my hopes of hoarding doobers or starting a doobers collection.

Here is the description of a doobers from the MH Wiki: “This loud and beautiful drop seems to hold a special power that could only be described as “not of this world”. You feel a calling to explore this strange alternate dimension and become the hero of another time and place. Play HitGrab’s newest game Magic Pets now!”

Well, I suppose if you really want to know the true power of a doober, you’d better start playing Magic Pets right away.

That’s all I have for now about the new GoldLeaf Mouse and Doobers.

If this guide helped you understand more about the Gold Leaf Mouse and Doobers, please let me know in the comments below. Thank you for reading.

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