MouseHunt Horn Timer for Chrome


Have you ever suffered from anxiety fearing that you might miss your next horn call, imagining that one mistimed or delayed horn call might tip the balance in the war to save the Kingdom of Gnawnia from these sinister mice? If fact, you are probably hoping that you read this article within fifteen minutes right now out of fear that you will miss your next big catch. I’m actually hoping that I can write this post before my next horn call myself.

We all want to be more committed in our defense of the Kingdom, but if you are like me, you lead a busy life and can’t stare at your computer screen for 15 minutes waiting for the horn to appear at the top of your page.

Perhaps you are really obsessive and have a kitchen timer sitting next to your computer, resetting it every 15 minutes.


However, If you are using a Google Chrome browser, some cool person made a tool so you can always know when to sound your horn.

If you install this cool app, you will have an advantage over the mice that will guarantee that you will never miss another horn call so you can spend more time reading this guide with peace of mind.

Check out and install this cool Mousehunt Horn Timer for Chrome now.


Whether you were already using this Mousehunt tool or you found it by reading this post, please let me know in the comments below. Encouraging comments help inspire me to write more helpful posts in the future.  Thank you for reading The Ultimate Guide to Mousehunt!


  1. Nice add on. Did not know about it until I saw it here. Great job.

  2. Jpax Romanovff says:

    NICE!. The Add on really helps.. Keep writing more posts man. This really helps. I keep bragging about this add on to my friends. They keep asking where did i get this cool timer. hahaha

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