Claw Shot City

Howdy Partners! Nestled within the Varmint Valley, Claw Shot City was just released without any announcement from the developers. It looks like it will be a lot of fun. We will be sure to update you on all the details as they come out.

This area introduces a new power type of mice: Law Power. It looks like this is the only type of trap that will catch these new wild west mice.

If you are at least a Lord or Lady in rank and have the Whisker Woods Map Clearing piece you can enter this area.

The main thing to do right now is buy the S.L.A.C. from the Trapsmith, arm some prospector charms, or sheriff’s badge charms if you can afford them (for sale for real money, for sale at the marketplace, and sometimes available as a loot drop).

Tip: If you are already a Baron/Baroness and have unlocked the Muridae Market, you can use Super Power Charms too, but you won’t get the extra attraction bonus of prospector charms to attract the Fool’s Gold carrying Prospector Mouse.

Claw Shot City Intro

SLAC Trapsmith

S.L.A.C. MouseHunt Law Power Prospector Charms

After you arm your new S.L.A.C. with the appropriate charms and cheese, try to catch the Bounty Hunter Mouse who will hopefully drop a wanted poster. It’s not a 100% drop rate so if you don’t get the wanted poster on the first catch, you are not alone. If you do, lucky you.

Bounty Hunter Mouse Shadow Mousehunt

Once you open the poster, you will have a list of mice in a Wild Bunch Gang to catch. Once you have caught them all, you can go for the ringleader of the gang.

Basically, this is just like a treasure hunt with a Wild West spin. You actually can’t join a Wanted Poster until you have completed any treasure maps that you are already on, so hurry up and catch that pesky Black Widow mouse you can’t seem to find on your treasure map so you can go bounty hunting. You can even dust the map to upgrade it just like a treasure hunt.

Dusted Wanted Poster before and after Mousehunt

Unlike the normal treasure hunts, you can only take one friend with you on the map. Instead of a hunting party, you get a deputy to go along with you as you bring these varmints to justice.

The mice available to you during a wanted poster increase and get tougher, so you might consider using ancient charms here. If you are patient, super power charms or prospector charms will work.

After you complete a wanted poster, you should be rewarded with a bounty reward in a treasure chest containing lots of goodies including the currency of this area– Fool’s Gold.

Claw Shot City Bounty Reward MouseHunt

Rare Bounty Chest MouseHunt

Here an example of opening a bounty reward from completing a rare wanted poster:

“I received 43,600 Gold, 28,000 Points, 10 Warpath Warrior Charms, 3 Super Warpath Warrior Charms, 2 Warpath Mage Charms, 3 Meteorite Pieces, 31 Fool’s Gold and 10 Ancient Charms from 1 Rare Bounty Reward.”

Once you save up 500 Fool’s Gold, you can buy the much upgraded S.L.A.C II. You can also get fool’s gold as loot drops from the Prospector Mouse, Pyrite Mouse, and maybe more.

SLAC 2 Trapsmith

According to Larry, It also seems that there will be an expansion of items available in the future for fool’s gold.

Well, that’s all I have for now.

Thieves Gang MouseHunt

Thank you for reading and visiting The Ultimate Guide to MouseHunt.

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  1. Daniel Wang says:

    Woah, a new area out of nowhere, and I haven’t even beaten Living Garden yet >< A guide made in such short time, pretty awesome

    • Matthew says:

      Thank you so much Daniel. I wouldn’t worry about rushing through this area as it is a permanent addition to the game. It will still be here for a long time. I honestly haven’t beaten the Living Garden yet either. This new area is for Lords and Ladies so it should be pretty easy compared to the LG.

  2. Magnolia says:

    Thanks for the update Matt! That was fast. I am at the area now, exciting for me as I’m done with LG already. woohoo!

    • Matthew says:

      You’re welcome Maggie! Congrats on finishing the LG. I lost a lot of MH time going to Baganga so much.

  3. Benni Lawa says:

    what cheese should you use? great and efficient update btw

    • Matthew says:

      I am personally using Gouda, but Brie has been OK too. SB+ will help you attract more Pyrite mice, but it’s so expensive to use this way. Unless you are in a huge hurry to get the S.L.A.C. 2, I don’t recommend SB+.

  4. Camille K says:

    When you look at the Ringleader mice, it says in their description that each ringleader belongs to a different gang. There will probably be a different poster for each of the 6 gangs, which means either unreleased content, or we haven’t gotten to that point yet.

    And the Mousehunt FB App Page edited this post:
    “…Each of the featured mice on the wanted poster are worth the following bounties: Coal Shoveler – Super Power Charm, Farrier – Freshness Charm, Ruffian – Super Rotten Charm, and Parlour Player – Super Luck Charm…”

    Also, not sure if you do trap recommendations, but seeing as how both SLAC traps are 0 luck, power charms > luck charms.

    Hope this helps!

  5. Clarence Ray Allen says:

    Hi, It’s not so easy 4 me 2 catch Bounty hunter mouse wif GTB/SLAC/Ancient or Champ/SB+ & I got LGS, have 0 catch & 6 misses 4 Bounty hunters alr, why is it so?

  6. CarolynG says:
  7. Kun Hua says:

    lol i did not know that the photos would be this small

  8. I was invited to hunt together with a friend… When the map was completed, I was told to claim my rewards. I did not notice how I was rewarded because I was on my mobile phone. Now, I realised that I only have 1 Fool’s Gold that was dropped as a loot. No Fool’s Gold as a reward! I tried to claim my reward again and it said that the reward has been claimed. Is this a bug?

  9. I’ve caught 23 gangs and got the SLAC II about a 2 weeks ago. I’ve caught every mouse except the Circuit Judge. I’m using spellbook/SLAC II/SB+/ancient. I cant seem to get the poster that includes him. Why is this varmint so hard to catch?

    • Matthew says:

      I feel you. I haven’t got him yet either!

    • What were you using before you got the S.L.A.C. 2? me and my wife sre going through it and we can’t seem to catch anything. we are both using Spellbook base, SLAC1 and prospector charms with gouda.

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